Picturing Perfection

Schedules are wonderful, but only when you use them. Before leaving for Mexico I created a beautiful, and what I thought realistic, schedule of blog posts. Half way through our month in Mexico I have not even looked at that calendar.

Puerto Vallarta is stunning and continues to entice me. A few day trips out-of-town have shown us more beautiful beaches and electrifying jungles. As hard as I try, words fail to capture the beauty of this place. My writing journal is filling with attempts to seize the essence in words but they all come out lacking. As I can’t keep a schedule here, and my words are too weak for the beauty, I will give you these images.

The panoramic feature on my iPhone has never received as much use as in the last two weeks. While pictures fall short, the panorama format comes close to conveying the overwhelming scenic diversity of Puerto Vallarta and Banders Bay. These are but a few of the vistas that are capturing my heart and leading me to believe that, as much as I love Vancouver, the life of an expat could be in my future.

I would love to tell you there are many more posts to come while in Mexico, that I’m going to review the places we stay and eat at but the truth is I may not. With blue water and things to explore blog posts will likely be sparse until I return north.

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