Following the Birds

It is another beautiful day in this city of mine. Vancouver has blessed us with a spectacular summer and the sun continues on into September. Yes, there has been some rain in recent weeks but it came with some amazing thunder storms – the kind that fill you with energy and renewed awe of nature. Today, the sun is shinning as I sit on my patio but the temperatures are cooling. In the shade I can tell that my “summer office” will soon have to close for the season and return to the confines of the apartment. A linen cardigan keeps the breeze from my shoulders but my toes are calling for socks and I find myself rubbing my hands. Soon enough I’ll head out for some errands and feel the sun’s warmth but on this side of the building it is chilly.

The chill doesn’t bother me though and there’s good reason for that. Fall is my favorite wardrobe of year. All those hand-knit scarves, hats, and gloves that were tucked away for the summer months get to rejoin life. This year I have another reason to appreciate the shift in seasons, we are following the birds and flying south.

We are migrating to Mexico for a month! It will be somewhat of a working vacation but a month in the tropics is a month in the tropics. I have great plans of lounging in the sun, writing, knitting, reading, relaxing, and exploring. It has been another stressful year and I anticipate it will take the first two weeks just to de-stress. By the time we return I will have a fresh coat of bronze, the tension will be gone from my body and I’ll be ready to take on the world again.

The migration commences in just over two weeks. Expect to hear lots about it, I can think of little else.

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