On light and leaving

One week to go. How have three weeks gone by already? So many of the things I thought I’d have done by now have been lost to gazing at the ocean. Every evening I find myself transfixed by a glimpse of glowing sky and water caught between buildings. The warmth of the light is so compelling I’ll just stop and stare at the waves and melting sun. Every attempt to capture this nightly beauty, be it in words or pictures, has failed miserably. It can’t be contained in description and photographs fall flat. This magic can’t be isolated and recorded. Too many elements contribute, clouds, sky, sun, waves, fishing boats that bob in the light, the white buildings topped by terracotta. They all play a part and shift in the glow.

(This post was written and a week before leaving Puerto Vallarta and sat in my drafts until today. We have been back in Vancouver for three days and are settling back into the routines of everyday life. Soon there will be more about our Mexican adventures – there is so much I haven’t shared, sitting at a computer was too far down the line of priorities but now feels much more productive.)


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