Working in various mediums, Anastasia E White’s artwork explores her family history.  Coming from a mixed race family, she is fascinated by the diversity of experiences encountered as her family has spread across North America, Europe and the West Indies.  Through exploring and sharing family stories Anastasia has come to better understand not only her families’ histories but her own individual identity.  By documenting stories through textiles, paint, collage, photography, and text she aims to build a better understanding of the dynamics of mixed race families and cultures, hopefully inspiring the viewer to examine the diversity of their own heritage.

A Canadian born Jamaican, Anastasia E White studied fine art at Langara College before attending the University of British Columbia where she received a BFA in visual art. While her studies focused on studio practice and contemporary visual art, she is fascinated by language and modes of communication, in particular the fluid evolution and deaths of language and dialects. A knitter since childhood, Anastasia allows her passion for yarn, language, and art theory to inform her art.

Anastasia E White lives in Vancouver, BC where she owns a vape shop.