Working in various mediums, Anastasia E White’s art explores her family history.  Coming from a mixed race family she is fascinated by the diversity of experiences encountered as her family has spread across North America, Europe and the West Indies.  Through exploring and sharing family stories Anastasia has come to better understand not only her families’ histories but her own individual identity.

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Been so long

Yes, it has been a long, long time since I’ve posted here, posted anywhere really. Stretched too thin. Recovering from a couple of years of chaos and rebuilding. I am not who I thought, or where I expected to be, but it is a good place all the same. A place of comfort, growth, and, well, a space which is of my own making. Little did I know how nice that would be, some thing to look at and say “we made that, this is ours”.

As I become accustomed to this new life, this new version of myself, I’ll post more often (hopefully). In the meantime, allow me to reintroduce myself:

Hello, my name is Anastasia E White, but everyone calls me Stacey. I am an artist, writer, knit wear designer and, now, a vape shop owner.


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