Doily Study: Jah Doily 1


Jah Doily Prints / Fallen Doilies
2010 – 2013

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Gwnio Somma



Lost Language
2007 – 2008
Series of paintings that explores the artist’s Welsh and Swedish ancestry with a focus on textiles and language.

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Global Jamaica, 2007, 8 x8 inches, acrylic and gold leaf



Global Jamaicans
A small series of mixed media paintings that follows the artists Jamaican family as they have spread across the globe.

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Flesh Painting: Mixed




Encaustic paintings which play with notions of skin colour and the terms used to label race.

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3 thoughts on “Paintings

  1. Stacey I love your paintings and your textiles. I like it even more when you combine them! You have some really beautiful and elegant pieces here. I’m so glad you’re doing a blog to showcase them.

    • Thanks Mia!
      It has been great going through all my images and revisiting some of my favourites. Additional images will be posted on the blog as time goes by along with some deeper insights into each series.

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