Anastasia Erika White
Vancouver, BC

Follow … but why am I following Jah Doily?

Many of my social media accounts are under the name Jah Doily which is also the name of various project I have done. Jah Doily brings together my varied interests and backgrounds.

The Jah Doily blog

Jah Doily is a blog I started in the spring of 2011. It is fun and mostly frivolous, a place for me to pin-up short posts of various things that catch my eye. Where this blog acts as my studio, Jah Doily is the equivalent of a little moleskin – snap shots of things I encounter online from quotes to recycled doilies, or magazine articles and video clips.

Yes, I tweet. You can follow @JahDoily to see what else catches my attention.


Like Jah Doily on facebook to get to know me better.  Notifications of blogposts and all sorts of other goodies. I’m a FB junkie so there is lots of fun stuff here.


Don’t be scared! The Jah Doily Newsletter is sent quarterly and unless there is something really exciting going on you won’t receive additional announcements. If at any time you wish to be removed from the list just let me know. I won’t be hurt.

To join just fill out the online form, email or click “sign me up” at the bottom of any Jah Doily page.


It’s Flickr, there are photos and the occasional video. Take a look through and let me know your thoughts. You may be surprised by how eclectic I am.

Isn’t the internet a marvelous place!

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