Putting it out there – from knitter to designer

Well, I did it. I’ve published my very first knitting pattern. Yesterday was dedicated to jitters and trying to distract myself from today’s launch. So much time and energy went into preparation for today – and not just my time, I’ve called upon friends for help with logo design, photography, editing and bored more than one non-knitter to death with my rambling. The fear that it would turn out all for nothing was overwhelming but I kept reassuring myself that it was a design that I’m proud of and that’s all that matters for the first pattern. That this is a learning process, that I’ll have a better idea of how to approach things in the future.

Project page_Rosemarie's Garden Shawl_GracePhotography_18webLG

Rosemarie’s Garden Shawl, photo by GracePhotography.ca

All this is true. It is a learning processes, I do have a better idea of how to improve on things for the next design and most importantly I am damned proud of Rosemarie’s Garden Shawl. But you know what makes it all even better? By the time I’d gotten up this morning, I’d sold my first pattern. As I type this post, a second has sold, the pattern’s been “favorited” on Ravelry 26 times and it’s been queued another 7 times. Let me tell you, that feels amazing. So, I’m going to make the sweeping declaration … I’m a knit wear designer now!

4 thoughts on “Putting it out there – from knitter to designer

  1. Congrats. I met you at the Indigo Moon booth at Fibres West and have been following your
    progress. I so wanted to test knit for you but had no time . Now I’ve purchased your first pattern I eagerly await the next !

    • Thanks Kathy, your encouragement at Fibers West meant a great deal to me, I’m glad to hear you are following along. Hope to see you at Knit City, I’m trying to have something special for it.

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