Knitting down the days

On Thursday I shall be reborn as a knitting designer! After four months of designing, knitting, researching, planning, building, branding and all sorts of fun JahDoily Knits is (almost) ready to launch. A few things have changed along the way but I’m feeling like I have a solid plan for the coming months and some great designs to offer.

On Thursday, June 27th my first design, Rosemarie’s Garden Shawl, will launch with the site The original plan was to publish 3 – 5 patterns on the get go but after chatting with designers this was amended to starting with one pattern and adding additional designs every 4 – 8 weeks.  If you haven’t already done so, please join my mailing list for pattern announcements and news of upcoming projects. Below is a little teaser for the Summer 2013 JahDoily Knits collection.

June: Rosemarie’s Garden Shawl
July: A Modern Victorian Shawl
August: Painted Plumes

The support and encouragement from my friends and family has been invaluable but a few wonderful women deserve a special thank you. Natalie Gagnon of Nattypat Crochet was one of the first people I contacted when I started this venture. She graciously shared her experiences of crochet design and put her branding expertise to work and develop a beautiful logo for JahDoily Knits (she also solved the “but doilies are crochet not knit” conundrum by condensing Jah Doily back into its original JahDoily form). Next up we have Renee Picard whose eyes have double and triple checked website content and will give patterns the final edit. It is no small task for a non-knitter to wading through knitting jargon to find the grammar. While I’m the master of instagram and iPhone photos, when it came time for professional shots I turned to Grace Morris of Grace Photography. Oh my, she captured some beautiful images and I can’t wait to share them with you! I am so blessed to be surrounded by such creative people.

Last but definitely not least, there are the test knitters who dedicated hours and hours of their time to testing my designs. With every project I’ve been overwhelmed by the volume of total strangers who sign up to test designs. Watching their projects take form has been perhaps the most rewarding part of this journey to date. There is something so surreal about seeing my designs come to life on the needles of others and the knowledge that there are people in the US, England, Ireland, South Africa and Australia wearing something I created blows my mind.

So let the countdown begin!


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