Knitting Fever

I’ve been planning a post a set of prints I made a couple weekends ago but have been procrastinating on getting to the imaging and in general spreading myself a little thin, so that post will have to wait. This is a post about something softer.

I’m not one for new years resolutions but this year I made knitting resolutions.

  1. Start knitting again
  2. Be realistic about the projects I can or will finish and unravel any WIPS that I’m not going to complete.
  3. Learn how to make socks.
  4. For every two projects started at least one has to use yarn from my stash.
  5. Don’t buy yarn I don’t have a project for.
  6. Only start projects as things are compleated.
  7. Limit myself to working on two items at time, one of which needs to be an old WIP.
  8. When in yarn stores, just step away from the cashmere and slowly remove myself from the store.

Project 1: Pink Buds Shawl

The main point here was just to start knitting again. I had so many pieces started and abandoned for what ever reason that they became a hurdle to over come. I didn’t want to look at them not to mention pick them up and sort out how they’s gone wrong and unraveling felt like giving up. Instead they were tucked away and my needles left to gather dust.

With the new resolutions in play so far I’m off to a great start. Since January I’ve finished three projects, two shawls and a scarf that was started in 2009 and unraveled two projects that had gone astray. Unraveling, while sad to see all those hours of knitting being undone, turned out to be very therapeutic. Bringing my WIPs down to three (one of which is now finished) I felt I could move forward and actually accomplish things.

Yellow Leafy Voyager Scarf (Started Fall 2009, finished Feb 2012)

The biggest hurdle to unravel was a shawl I started for Mom in 2009. I told her it may take some time to finish but, well Lets face it, I was too ambitious in my first shawl choice and got stuck a third of the way in. when I tried to undo the work to sort out where things went wrong, I made it worse. To top all that off, the supper awesome yummy yarn wasn’t the right choice for the lace patter. The variations in colour were beautiful but the lace pattern got lost in it and ended up looking messy (to me). But I unraveled it, found a new, simpler pattern and some gorgeous, thicker, yarn and as of last weekend, the Mom’s shawl is done!

Project 2: Mom's Holden Shawl

I’m enjoying shawls so much I’ve started another for myself. The pattern is more challenging and the yarn thinner but but still one I can accomplish.
In short, I’m back in love with knitting.

PS – I registered for a sock class. By the end of March I’ll be turning heals!

2 thoughts on “Knitting Fever

    • Thanks! I’m enjoying the scarf now that it is done but must admit that I fell out of love with knitting it. The pattern was rather fun but I’d started it so long ago I couldn’t wait for it to be done.

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