Worth Waiting For


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Well, Spring is here and the Painted Plumes knitting pattern is ready! This Thursday it will go up on Ravelry, Etsy and Craftsy but until then, here are some teaser images of the long-awaited Painted Plumes Shawl. Continue reading

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Setting Goals and Planning Big

I can’t express how excited I am right now. Last week I took one of my “I should do that” ideas and started making it a reality. This summer I will be launching my first knitting patterns! Continue reading

Knitting Fever

I’ve been planning a post a set of prints I made a couple weekends ago but have been procrastinating on getting to the imaging and in general spreading myself a little thin, so that post will have to wait. This is a post about something softer. Continue reading

Spooky Threads

Well, it is Halloween and  yet again I am without a costume and haven’t even carved a pumpkin to show you so here are some spooky textile creations by other talented people.

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