Gift of Flesh


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Painted in 2008, these flesh coloured boxes are paired with jewellery. Take them as you will, there is no artist statement for them. Continue reading

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Fallen Doilies

Fallen Doilies is a series of prints started in 2010. The process is simple and the results elegant. I drop/ lay-down  paint drenched doilies on sheets of paper that have been prepared with their edges masked. When laying down the doily I allow for drips and folds in the material. This gives the finished print a sense of movement, of a delicate doily falling through space. Continue reading

Texting into Art: Enjoying the Sweet Smell

With no phone lines in many rural communities cell phones quickly found a strong market  in Jamaica. However long distance calls often get dropped so while my mother was living in Jamaica the easiest way for us to stay in touch was often by text messages. Enjoying the Sweet Smell of Coffee emerged from a text I received while walking home one evening. After the Rain is my response. Continue reading

The Global Jamaican

I have been struggling with things to post these last few months. I never feel I have the time I need to dedicate to the posts I want to write. As a result I gather google results of things that interest me. Although I find these fascinating they aren’t what I set out to do and feel cold and impersonal. With Christmas coming up I have been working on a holiday post but it isn’t done yet and will have to wait for next week. It has been too long since my last post and I really wanted to share something. Jamaica has been heavy on my mind recently. Call it home-sickness for the home I have never lived in, or perhaps it is brought on by the winter temperatures – Mexico, Florida and California have also been on my mind.      Continue reading

Silk & a culture of exotic foods


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My dyed textiles have developed in different directions. The original found textiles becoming a larger conversation in a formal, almost museum like presentation. Silk with printed text and images exploring the social exchange of food in my family. Histories presented on items that could pass as tourist merchandise. Continue reading

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