Here, in his house, on Father’s Day


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Yes, it will be a rough night, being here in his house, on Father’s Day, on my own, but that’s okay. These tears too will pass. Continue reading

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Bleeding Hearts and Broken Bones

Remember how I spent October in Puerto Vallarta? Me, too. I didn’t want to come, if staying was an option I would have taken it in a heart beat. But it wasn’t, so home we came and, I’m sorry but, things have not gone so great since coming home. November was fine, I got back into the swing of pattern design and was feeling focused. Then December came around and things began to crumble. Continue reading

Texting into Art: Enjoying the Sweet Smell

With no phone lines in many rural communities cell phones quickly found a strong market  in Jamaica. However long distance calls often get dropped so while my mother was living in Jamaica the easiest way for us to stay in touch was often by text messages. Enjoying the Sweet Smell of Coffee emerged from a text I received while walking home one evening. After the Rain is my response. Continue reading

Mission Accomplished!

After four and a half months, more money than we wanted to spend, and much more work than originally imagined the renovations are done! I can hardly believe it is the same house. Who would have known it could be so bright and cheery in here? Gone are the dingy stained carpets, the harvest gold toilet and tub, stained walls and general gloom. In their place are laminate floors, freshly painted walls – I’m head over heals in love the blue grey of the kitchen and bathroom – awesome new light fixtures, and a general feeling of comfort. Continue reading

Writing the Personal or Writing Around It

It could be the weather, perhaps the season in general, or it could just be life getting in the way but my creative juices, both desire and inspiration, are rather dry. Even getting a few scattered words out is a challenge. I’m feeling very blocked. While I am busy with other things, work and family which take up the majority of my time, there are hours in my week that could be set aside to create or at the very least write. Writing usually helps things along. Continue reading