Paper Passions

I had this wonderful post for you, it was all about paper projects for the holidays. It had great images, links to fun projects; it was witty, personal and timely. But alas, after two weeks of updating, adding, altering and tweaking, with the click of one little button it is gone! Perhaps it wasn’t as fantastic as I give it credit for but, now that it is lost forever, who is to say other wise. Since I haven’t the heart to make it all over again, I’ll give you the synopsis.

I have a short attention span at the moment and long for instant gratification. A project that I can sit down to and be done with in an hour, maybe two. After tearing my apartment apart as I dug through yarn stashes and pattern books it occurred to me that I was looking at the wrong fibers, I needed paper. Plain white paper. Simple, elegant and most importantly quick. These links will provide a great starting point for Christmas week projects.

Snow Flake templates

Now that you have some flakes fluttering about, here is an innovative use for them – a curtain. I love this, I want this, my cat would destroy this!

This is a recent blog post on Doodles and Noodles that has samples of cut paper Christmas designs – a good fit for cards or a little something for the wall.

If you are feeling more ambitious, may I recommend a paper wreath? All three of these are included in Good Housekeeping’s Easy-Make Holiday Wreaths (I must amend that, all three were posted, but I can only find the one now – so sad, I was rather hoping someone would make the fan wreath for me.)

Paper-Star Wreath

Handmade paper stars, glued to a wire wreath, strike a modern pose in a window. This graphic ring will be ready to hang again next year.
Instructions: Go to and print out directions for making 3-D paper stars. Make the following stars: six 4-inch stars, eight 3-inch stars, and eight 2-inch stars. Coat a 12-inch wire wreath form with silver spray paint; let dry. Use a glue gun to attach the paper stars to the wreath, stacking them for a 3-D effect. Finish by wiring a satin ribbon to the top.

The Red Thread has step-by-step instructions for various paper wreaths. She also has a great take the advent calendar, this one in the form of a tree!

Paper Artists on the Web

Related by Me

See the form below? I’m not sure what I think of it but, since adding it is how I lost the original draft, I figured I’d keep it in memory of a post only I ever got to see – it was a piece of beauty. Please use it, I’m curious to see how it works out.

Thank you for visiting & I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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