Spooky Crochet & Halloween Knits

Every Halloween I have the best of intentions to get a costume together and head out on the town, and every Halloween I end up staying in. Living in an apartment there aren’t even trick or treaters to give candy to. This year I have a good excuse, I will, yet again, be spending the weekend working on my Dad’s place. So, instead of a costume and party how about a Halloween post?

Shanell Papp, Lab #4

Now this is some spooky crochet art! Read about Shanell Papp’s installation here and here as well as view additional images here. I may just have to explore her work in more depth at a later point. But for now here are some fun and frivolous Halloween fibers.

Mexican Face Hat
Mexican Face Hat, photo by Stacey Joy

The pattern for these spooky yet cute ghosts is available on Etsy from lafeecrochet

A Lovely Thing has several crochet masks including this free pattern for Lions Brand’s Leaf Mask.

How about some knitted juggling ball eyes? The pattern for these are posted on Gigglinggoblins blog.

I’m no fan of spiders, but these two guys by Skymagenta are down right adorable!

There are written instructions for a pumpkin on Crochet Mania or you can hook along to the video.



What, you thought I’d forget about doilies? Never.


Have a happy Halloween!

7 thoughts on “Spooky Crochet & Halloween Knits

  1. I really found each item in this collection of spooky crocheting very interesting. we do not of any Halloween type tradition in India and I find this quite fascinating

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