Dinner at Anansi’s House


Anansi invited me to his house for dinner

his kitchen,
a tired table cloth,
patched and worn, suspended between the trees.
we dined on mangoes and pears
that fell to his web.
He agile
on silken woven threads,
I clumsily trying not to slip
from the table
precariously perched between the trees.



Dinner at Anansi's House I & II


Dinner at Anansi’s House began as a patchwork blanket. As I was working on the piece I pinned it to the wall. Partially to keep it clean and out of the way, and because I wanted to see it while working on other pieces. Moving from the floor to the wall shifted how I viewed it, it went from a blanket to a flag.  This shift fascinated me. I began playing with the space, suspending it from the rafters in the studio. Scraps of logwood dyed wool supported and stretched the panel transforming the previously flat surface into a rough structure. It began to remind of leaves and debris caught in a web.

Dinner at Anancy's House


 Dinner at Anansi's House, side view 

Dinner with Anancy



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