Looky looky – what a busy knitting bee!

Since announcing my entry into knitwear design last month I have been a busy little bee. The project manager in me has once again emerged, timelines are set (compleat with google calendar and task up the yin yang), new connections are emerging, branding ideas are floating around, and most importantly of all, designs are coming together. Continue reading


Patio Lanterns: DIY doily projects for a sunny weekend

I’m having a blast with the new Jah Doily blog and find the short posts rather liberating. As much as I love analyzing and going into depth on things that I encounter it can sometimes become adherent to post item. Turning off my brain every now and then and just proclaiming “I like this” feels very freeing. However I have been also feeling a lack of creativity and struggling to come up with new projects.

It turns out the solution was rather simple. Continue reading