Bleeding Hearts and Broken Bones

Remember how I spent October in Puerto Vallarta? Me, too. I didn’t want to come, if staying was an option I would have taken it in a heart beat. But it wasn’t, so home we came and, I’m sorry but, things have not gone so great since coming home. November was fine, I got back into the swing of pattern design and was feeling focused. Then December came around and things began to crumble.

The main event was when my father, who has a long list of health issues, broke his hip mid month. After that I set everything on hold and I’m glad I did because it fairly quickly it became apparent that he wouldn’t be able to go back home. He was transferred from hospital to convalescence care to wait for placement in Residential care, within two weeks he had another fall, this time a dislocated and fractured shoulder. The hardest part has been visiting him. Now that he is in care I was able to have him place in Surrey, which is much easier to get too, the stress of traveling to Mission is gone, and I can’t stress how much this helps. The challenge isn’t getting there it is his memory. It is heart breaking to see your parent loose grasp of where they are and what’s happened to them, to have to explain repeatedly why he has pain in his shoulder. He shifts in bed and is shocked by the pain, struggles to understand what has happened. I dread the day he no longer recognizes me.

In addition to the challenge of watching my father age, technology has been working against me. There was the death of my iphone in November, the data loss off my new phone in January, the total data loss off my lap top just a couple of weeks ago and to top it off, a truck ran over my phone last Thursday. Are you starting to see why I’ve been so silent recently?

With Dad recovering from his surgeries and broken bones and my slow re-building of lost files (really, that one was all my fault for not properly backing up files) I am finally beginning to get patterns out again. My Bleeding Hearts Cowl was scheduled to come up before Christmas to accompany the Bleeding Hearts Hat and I’m happy to report that yesterday it went up on Ravelry and this moring to Etsy and Craftsy. A little late but at least it is out.

One of many folders lost in my computer death contained the photographs for the pattern. It was my intention to re-photograph the cowl before publication. I will still have the pattern re-shot but my soul told me to publish the piece now. I needed to put something out there, to get wheels moving again. Waiting any longer felt like an excuse, like dragging my feet.


So with the publication of this pattern I’m attempting to focus on the good that has come about since our return from Mexico. One, I was here to give Dad the help he needs, secondly, I came up with a bunch of great patterns (and now have a stock pile to pick from for the coming year) and – and this is hug – as of Monday I am three months smoke free! Even the data loss has a silver lining, it gave me the opportunity to re-structure the format of my pattern layout. In between new pattern releases I’ll be revisiting my published pieces to see if the layout can be improved. If you have any suggestions or requests, please let me know.

PS – A very big congratulations to the Canadian Women’s Hockey team for bring home the gold!

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