Writing with Friends

Last week marked something rather special for me, the first of my writing group meetings. My friend Renee and I have been planing a creative writing group for months and last Wednesday we gathered with some friends and began the process. What the group will grow into is yet to be seen, but I look forward to the process. We mostly chatted about the challenges of creative writing, which greatly revolved around a need for more time in the day and balancing interests. How do you write more without sacrificing reading (or knitting) time? How to find the space and frame of mind needed to sit and write. We don’t have many answers yet. What works for me may not work for others but each of us, by showing up to the meeting, made the first vital step. We did do some writing too, that is after all what we were there for.

You can expect to see more “creative writing” on my site as our meetings progress. I already have a couple of short pieces I intend to share. While we are in Mexico (we leave in five days!) I plan on writing as much as possible. With beautiful beaches and sunset views from our patio not to mention all the food, sights, and new experiences, I’m bound to be surrounded by inspiration. In the meantime, here are a few pieces I’ve posted in the past.


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