Dressed for a Wedding

Today I’m dressed for a wedding I’m not attending. The wedding is for my friend Lisa and is in Regina. Why I wasn’t able to make the wedding is a different post, one that you’ll get in a few days. I will say that the decision not to go was a hard one to make and today it is harder to see the trade-off. Tomorrow it will all make sense again but today I’m too aware of what I’m missing and wishing I could be there to see Lisa married.

Lisa's Bridal Shawl_hanging_sm

Without any hesitation, when I heard Lisa was getting married I offered to knit her a bridal shawl. Lisa is also a knitter and set out to knit her dress (reason later set in and she made the wise decision to make it a skirt and keep her sanity) so I knew that she would appreciate a shawl and if felt fitting and natural. Like I said, it was the first thought I had “I’ll knit Lisa a shawl”. Rarely do I knit for other people. Non knitters don’t fully appreciate the time, dedication and cost of hand knits and knitting for other knitters has its challenges too. This was about a year and half ago and I just bound off last week, but this too is another post.

Today is about being dressed for a wedding I’m not attending. It is about sending my love across BC, the Rockies and prairies to Lisa and her husband, Greg in Regina. This post and being dressed for the occasion are my way of participating. The heals may not make it through the day but that’s okay. Shoe-less women are a sign of a good wedding.

When I told Lisa I wasn’t going to make her wedding she sent me a thank you package of the items she’d put together for guests. Lisa’s attention to detail is astounding. Just look at this package! Hand written notes, a newsletter outlining how she and Greg met, details on her dress, the shawl, hat, corset, and who they came from. There is a story for every aspect of her wedding attire. Two swatches of fabric come with a note to sign them and mail them off, they will later be sewn into a wedding quilt – a gift from a family member. Artisan chocolates, a little jar of mustard, a satchel with games, bubble wand and commemorative fan.

IMG_2204In the package was also a hand knit flower corsage with instructions to wear it on her wedding day. She isn’t having a wedding party but there were people she wanted to honor and draw attention to. These guests received a knitted flower, orange for the bride and blue for the groom. I am so honored to wear my orange flower today, it makes me misty just thinking about it. What’s a wedding without some tears!

So today, I’ll spend the afternoon thinking about Lisa. When my man gets home we’ll head to the park to blow bubbles, eat our chocolates and toast Lisa and Greg’s marriage.

Congratulations, Lisa, I love you dearly.

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