If Mary Poppins was an artist

I don’t travel lightly and like being prepared. It doesn’t matter where I’m off to, coffee with a friend, running errands or taking the train up to Dad’s, my purse is packed. You never know when a friend is going to be late or creativity will strike. When extra time pops up its good to have a way to fill it and vital that you have a way to record that life changing idea.

I’d like to introduce you to my Mary Poppins bag. She is green leather satchel from Danier and perfect for everyday use. Zippered outside pockets on either side make for easy access to phones and what ever small items you are likely to need while walking and more inside keep things tidy. She’s a medium-sized bag, large enough to fit an amazing amount but small enough to keep from being intrusive. Lets not be that woman who hits children in the head with her big bag as she passes people on crowded streets.

Mary Poppins Bag1

Mary Poppins Bag2

Mary Poppins Bag3

This is just a regular summer day. As the seasons change so do the contents, and yes, an umbrella fits in there. Today’s items include:

  • two moleskin notebooks, a smaller hard cover book for general notes and a larger soft-cover writing journal.
  • ball point pen, mechanical pencil, fountain pen and white eraser. I recently discovered the joy of fountain pens and this is my first choice for creative writing, the pencil is for general notes and ideas and for editing knitting patterns, the ball point pen is just smart – you can always use an extra pen.
  • stain remover pen and wet wipes for eating on the go and coffee spills
  • paper back book. I’m particularly enjoying this one for carrying around, the chapters are short and easy to get through then when you only have a few spare minutes – like waiting for the train.
  • wallet
  • keys
  • oversized sunglasses, because, lets face it, I’m a diva in disguise
  • lipstick, this gets very little use but I always know where it is – in with my pens
  • phone and ear buds
  • knitting bag with current project & pattern in a clear plastic sleeve which helps protect it from coffee spills and wet patio tables
  • business card holder and cards
  • travel grocery bag
  • shawl kept in a cloth bag to protect it from snags, this one is Rosemarie’s Garden
  • knitting notions bag (stitch markers, darning needles, hand lotion, emery board, measuring tape, crochet hooks and a bunch of other stuff)

With this much entertainment carried around on my shoulder you never need to apologize to me for being late. My knitting kept me company and I got some writing done, I know to embrace free time when I see it.

What to carry with you?

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