Why would I give you money?

So you noticed the donate button that now hangs out in my sidebar. What’s with that? A good question and one I struggled with before adding it to the site.

I don’t know if it’s turning 35 or just all the change that’s going on in my life the last couple of years but I’ve come to the conclusion that to be happy with myself and life I need to be more creative. I don’t know if you have ever tried to be creative and to truly be immerse in creating for yourself after a day’s work. If you have, chances are you know its a challenge. Too many people finish school, get a job and neglect their passions. I don’t want to be that person anymore.

Launching JahDoily Knits was the first step towards being a more creative version of myself. The more time I spend on it, on investing in myself, the happier I become. A sense of purpose is filling me, my confidence is growing and ideas are percolating. This is all fantastic but the the other side of the truth is that it takes a great amount of time, energy and resources.

I’ve been lucky, and the timing right, in that for the first time in my adult life I’m working part-time. This has provided me the time to build the foundations of a business but at some point it needs to make money. I have faith that this day will come but am planted in reality and know that time is in the distance. (Currently I’m on track to cover start up and project costs by the one year anniversary).

This blog has been around for three years now. Admittedly sometimes it is very neglected but I always come back to it. It was originally intended as an online studio and in many ways I still think of it as that. I come here to work out and share ideas, post about artists and events or what ever crosses my mind. When I’m creating I post more. When I post regularly, I become more creative.

So why would you give me money? Chances are you won’t, and that’s fine, I’m just glad you read this far. But think how cool it would be if someone did. It used to be common practise for artists to receive support from patrons, why can’t it be that way again? Now, I’m a reasonable person, I know that a donation button isn’t going to pay my rent but a $2 donation would replace the darning needle that the sofa swallowed. To know that someone out there enjoys my posts enough to contribute financially, that would be pretty amazing.

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