Reading the Summer Away

I love books. Long ago I ran out out of space on my book shelves and even though I (semi)regularly purge my library it continues to grow. There are books in the entertainment unit, books on the credenza, stacks of books in the headboard, books in my closet, on my dresser, in drawers, on the livingroom side-table – under the side-table. I have a lot of books, many of which I have not read. In my defence, many go back to the used bookstore once read – and get turned into store credit for more books – and I have a large selection of reference books.

This afternoon I popped into (when out specifically to go to) my favorite used book store – Pulp Fiction. There were a few items I had in mind but mostly it was a destination to walk to. After searching for my short list and coming back empty (the can order in books but I prefer the hunt) then aimlessly meandering through the stacks Leonard Cohen’s Book of Longing became my newest acquisition. August2013readingList
With this new book in hand, here is my current reading list.

Are you surprised that none of them are knitting books? Don’t worry, those are always close at hand. What are you reading this summer?

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