Pride, Food Trucks and Chess

Last weekend was fantastic, and man did I need some fantastic! It was a long weekend after a rather stressful week. The idea of getting out of town was more than I could handle so I decided to stay in Vancouver and get the most out of the weekend.

My plan for the weekend looked something like this:

  • Saturday: A “me” day of knitting and writing.
  • Sunday: Take in the Pride Parade
  • Monday: Go with the flow


After a completely rain free and very sunny July, August started with rain and cloud cover. Saturday, while dry, was a good day to stick around the house. Much knitting was accomplished and some free witting provided creative nourishment. Over all, there is little to report of the day. This may sound boring but it was greatly satisfying. Getting caught up on a certain bridal shawl put my mind at ease and writing (the old school pen on paper kind of writing) lifted my spirits.


The Pride Parade is one of my favorite events of the summer and is a big deal in Vancouver. The best of intentions had me planning to leave early so as to find a good spot but the desire to take my time and have a leisurely morning won out. As I was waiting for the skytrain at Main and Terminal, just minutes before the Parade was to start, it occurred to me I was heading downtown on the wrong train line. The thought had hardly finished when I heard someone call my name. It was my godmother, also heading to the parade.

I tagged along with her and her friend and after fighting our way through thick crowds on Robson Street we found a spot. It wasn’t a great spot, and the crowd, while large, was somewhat demure (for a pride parade). I said my goodbyes and set out for wilder pastures – the parade end and party grounds on Beach Avenue.

My timing couldn’t have been better. Just as I was setting in to a better view the floats I’d seen on Robson were just arriving.

As I left the festivities and began my return east I followed the seawall to David Lam park. At the request of my feet, and as compensation for a rather poor footwear choice, I hopped on an Aqua Bus heading to Science World. The short trip was relaxing and possibly the cheapest way to get out on the water.

On disembarking the little boat I met up with Renee. Our plan was to find the Food Cart festival. Food trucks are relatively new to Vancouver. Until 2010, hotdogs and roasted chestnuts where about the only street food you could find in the city. Over the last couple of years I have tested out a few trucks but had yet to experience the Food Cart Festival.

I was a little disappointed to find that very few of the trucks had “little bites”. A large part of my attraction to the festival was the hope to test out several vendors. As most items fell in the $10 range this wasn’t much of an option. There were however two taco trucks so I purchased a $5 fish taco from both to see how they fared. They were actually a close tie and neither my favorite fish tacos. That being said, the salsa and hot sauce selection at Tacofino made it the winner.

With no plans for the day the morning began with blueberry pancakes and apple chicken sausages at home. The blueberry crops are coming in early and large this year and I’m enjoying the heavily discounted berries in our local IGA.

A short bike ride had me enjoying coffee and chess in the sun with a girlfriend. A strong start back fired after one bad move. Just goes to show, you haven’t won till you win.

We hung out on a park bench after chess, she reading her book as I made a little more progress in Writing Down the Bones and even wrote for a while. A wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable afternoon spent in the sun.

So that was my BC Day weekend. No grand adventure but it was exactly what I needed. (And it took me long enough to get around to posting this that the next weekend is almost here!)

By Anastasia E White

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