Lost in Fonts

As my self-imposed deadline for launching JahDoily Knits approaches I’m attempting to conquer one task a day. Often, as happened today, the day’s task forces me to re-do some earlier project but all the same things are marching on towards the launch date (I do have a specific date in mind but I’m not ready to share it yet but will soon). So far, aside from designing patterns, preparation has included setting up a website, which is almost finished, creating a brand identity, building pattern templates, photographing samples, and exploring fonts.

Originally I had decided on calibri for the pattern font, however, while poking through forums on Ravelry over the weekend I stumbled across some invaluable information. Something that probably should have occurred to me before. Just because a font comes with software doesn’t mean one is allowed to use it for commercial use. Makes sence, I can’t use someone else’s images without permission so why would fonts be okay. So I got to researching “free for commercial use” fonts and set aside some time today to test some out.

Two fonts have come out as the clear favorites but picking which one is turning out harder than I thought. The two candidates are Cardo (left) and Pigiarniq Light (right). Cadaro & Pigiarniq LightAs you can see they are very different fonts. Cardo is a serif font based on a Renaissance typeface where Pigianrniq Light is a minimal and elegant sans-serif. Both are lovely, both will work, but which do I pick? Picking the font feels like a monumental decision. While my designs combine classic elegance with modern simplicity, selecting a font that conveys both is posing a challenge.

So, which do you prefer?

On a side note, did you notice that Jah Doily Knits is now JahDoily Knits? Bet you missed that or thought it was a typo, didn’t you.

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