Looking for a Name

I’m usually good at coming up with titles and find the process fun. The inspiration can come from life, some personal significance the pattern or painting has to me; from nature, the textures, colours and smells of life on the Pacific West Coast; or even from other artforms – I have been known to take lines from songs, poems, of reference to paintings. With all this in mind, it is odd that I am at a total loss of what to name this shawl.

The working title is A Modern Victorian, referencing the origins of the lace motifs, but it was never meant be stick. The problem is, for almost a year not it has been A Modern Victorian to me and I can’t get past it. It isn’t a horrible name, it just isn’t what I want to conjure.

A Modern Victorian Shawl_detail1_medThe pattern uses a dk cotton yarn giving it weight and structure but keeping it cool enough of summer evenings. I envision it worn around the waist on the beach as a swimsuit wrap (you know those skirt like things used to hide our bums and upper thighs when walking around, I love those!). I see it around the shoulders and tied in the back like a bolero over a dress or loosely draped around the neck as a scarf as summer is ending and through the fall.

0_A Modern Victorian Shawl_shed2
It deserves a name that is catchy and enticing, that is easy to remember and conjures versatility. A name that is both romantic and urban. Is that too much to ask? I for one am stumped.

What would you call this pattern?


11 thoughts on “Looking for a Name

  1. Stacy, what a gorgeous shawl!! Your workmanship really impresses me!

    I’m wondering if it may be neat to simply call it “Victoria” like it’s a character/person. You could use names for all your patterns.

  2. I am not good on names but I think the pictures are lovely and vibrant which does lead to me thinking of spring. Often place names are used here in Shetland and I am copying this theme with some of my projects or naming them after who gets the item which is not very original!

  3. Any thoughts on “Pacific Victorian”? Or on a differnt direction “Wake” as is in “the region of recirculating flow immediately behind a moving or stationary solid body, caused by the flow of surrounding fluid around the body.” The lace rather reminds me of watching the wake from the ferry on route to Vancouver Island. “Active Passage” could work too. Okay, so now I have too many ideas but that’s better than none. Thanks for helping to get the title juices flowing!

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