Looky looky – what a busy knitting bee!

Since announcing my entry into knitwear design last month I have been a busy little bee. The project manager in me has once again emerged, timelines are set (compleat with google calendar and task up the yin yang), new connections are emerging, branding ideas are floating around, and most importantly of all, designs are coming together.

One of my first major deadlines was to finish knitting Rosemarie’s Garden Shawl by the end of March. I came in one day late but it was for a worthy cause – Dad turned 81 and that merits a day with the family and a nice drive up the valley. One day late on a self-imposed deadline isn’t going to cause me any stress, especially not when the finished product looks this good. Although I’m biased, Rosemarie’s Garden turned out beautifully!


Now that she’s bound off and blocked the next couple of days will be spent polishing up and editing the instructions before sending the pattern off to test knitters. You have no idea how much fun this is, or maybe this is just fun for me. Every aspect is enjoyable so far – coming up with designs, test swatches, making new contacts, calling in favors from those I already know, and knitting like a mad woman. So much fun, and the support from everyone is overwhelming. From childhood friends and family to compleat strangers, everyone has been so encouraging.

PS – If you are wondering about the name of the shawl, there’s a story that goes with it but you’ll have to wait for the official summer launch to find out more. 😉

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