Setting Goals and Planning Big

I can’t express how excited I am right now. Last week I took one of my “I should do that” ideas and started making it a reality. This summer I will be launching my first knitting patterns!The goal is for 5 patterns which will be a combination of free downloads and paid patterns available through Ravelry and Etsy. I’m still working out many of the details and setting my time-table but I wanted to share the news. The first pattern will be ready for test knitters and tech editing next week and I couldn’t be more thrilled and proud of myself.

Last year was a real doozy and this year is already posing some challenges. It feels so good to have a project that I’m passionate about to work on. That it is something for myself, that these are my ideas, my creativity, my goals and time frame make it all the more sweet. I have no delusions of grandeur and am being realistic about the potential revenue. This isn’t likely a viable career path but if can make back even some of what I spend on yarn, I’ll be as happy as can be. (And probably sink it all back into my local yarn stores.) My main priority is to create designs I’m proud of.

If you are a knitter who would like to test out any of the patterns prior to publishing, I welcome all the help I can get. The project budget is non-existent so I can’t pay test knitters but my gratitude will be eternal and I’ll do my best to find some way to compensate helpers.

A Modern Victorian Shawl_sunflower4_medHere’s a little preview of the first pattern. The working title is A Modern Victorian Shawl, and it is knit in Berroco Pure Pima, a dk weight, 100% cotton yarn. I welcome your feed back and hope you will follow along on my adventures in knit wear design.

2 thoughts on “Setting Goals and Planning Big

  1. So excited! I can’t wait. I just hope i can do some stash busting so that I don’t have to buy more yarn. I am so bad with that!

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