Worth a 1000 words – 2012 through Instagram

I love my iphone and would be lost without it. Yes, many of us feel this way about our phones but for me it’s not the phone or text feature, it’s not the ability to stock people on Facebook 24 hours a day, or a need to keep up with tweets. It’s the camera. Oh, how I enjoy having a camera in my pocket at all times.

Truth be told, I rarely capture the truly crazy things I witness (yesterday I saw two men crossing Broadway in horse head masks, wish I’d snapped a pic of that) but my photo stream is a fair representation of my year. Looking at what someone chooses to photograph is like looking over their book or CD collection (not that anyone has cds anymore.) Photographs are little clues to the photographer’s mind. Not just what they photograph but how and why. How they crop the image, what device took the image, how have they edited the picture. Yes, I think you can tell a lot about a person from their photo stream.

I am an Instagram junkie. Very few of the people I follow, or who follow me, do I know in person but from the photos we chose to share we are building a story around ourselves, letting others develop an idea of who we are through our images. I’m curious what my photographs tell others about me.

Here are some of my Instagram images from the last year and you can view my full stream of pictures here. What do you think, can you get a sence of who I am, what interests me and how I spend my time from these pictures? Does my Instagram steam provide a different view from the images I chose for this post?

You can find me on Instagram as JahDoily. You’ll find that my stream is rather knitting heavy. I enjoy sharing my projects as they develop and documenting the stages. I’ve left most of these out of this post as several appear in my last post.

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