Spooky Threads

Well, it is Halloween and  yet again I am without a costume and haven’t even carved a pumpkin to show you so here are some spooky textile creations by other talented people.

Ben Cuevas
Transending the Material, 2010 installation


“I enjoy the rich cultural and social history that surrounds fiber arts, as well as blending the distinctions between art and craft. The time intensive and repetitive nature of knitting allows me to meditate on a piece as it comes into being, further revealing the nature of the work as part of the process.”

Ben Cuevas

Twilight Kallisti
Just One More Row


A good knitting project is much like falling in love with a book, sometimes it is a challenge to put the needles down. This sculpture of knitted recycled yarn by Twilight Kallisti made me giggle, but here is where the spooky part comes in. This is what happens to those knitters who miss dinner because they want to get just one more row done. Consider your selves warned!

Fabienne Gassmann
hand-crocheted scarf

This scarf is incredible, I can’t even begin to wrap my head around the amount of work that went into designing and crocheting it. But the real spooky part is that Fabienne Gassmann doesn’t have a site to link to! Well, there is fabiennegassmann.com which is under construction and this (my personal favorite blah blah blah …) but no real information about the artist! That is down right scary. People are blogging about Fabienne probably totally unbeknownst to her. Well, Fabienne, if you come across this, please contact me and I’ll tell you how to have a site up in no time at all. Seriously, PLEASE. All artists should have a working website.

Now that I’m scared for all the lost artists out there that we may never know about some Halloween treats that aren’t so spooky – just plain cute.  Besides, we can’t forget about the Halloween cats …

Have a happy, spooky yet safe Halloween!

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