New, New, New! Welcome Jah Doily

So excited! I’m launching a new blog! … yes, a new blog. I have been finding that this blog is housing too many little random things, items that don’t directly relate to me or my work so I’m starting a new blog for them. With any luck this will free up my mind to put more attention into relevant posts here.

The first post will be going up on Jah Doily tomorrow, Thursday May 19th, but you can preview the blog here.

Jah Doily is my newest form of nursing an obsession with doilies and all things Jamaican. Instead of storing doilies in drawers and boxes, this blog is a way of expanding an ever-growing collection to the web . Jah Doily goes deeper than just archiving doilies; it brings together the textiles of  my european ancestry with the arts, culture, and food of Jamaica. Just like me, Jah doily is a little of this and a little of that.

These posts are items that catch my eye.

Also new are my Facebook page and a quarterly newsletter. To stay up to date on posts, events and random items of interest please like the Jah Doily Facebook page or join the Newsletter.

Happy surfing, I hope you enjoy Jah Doily!

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