Mission Accomplished!

After four and a half months, more money than we wanted to spend, and much more work than originally imagined the renovations are done! I can hardly believe it is the same house. Who would have known it could be so bright and cheery in here? Gone are the dingy stained carpets, the harvest gold toilet and tub, stained walls and general gloom. In their place are laminate floors, freshly painted walls – I’m head over heals in love the blue grey of the kitchen and bathroom – awesome new light fixtures, and a general feeling of comfort.

A few times now I have caught my self staring at a fixture, wall colour or the tile work and wishing my place looked this nice. There is a great sence of accomplishment seeing the finished product. When we started out I know it would come together but man, did we ever score some good finds. Granite counter in the bathroom, marble and glass tile feature in the shower, the chandelier in the entrance! Even the updated outlets and light switches make a world of difference. Design is in the details!

All in all, every penny, bruised knee and weekend away from home was worth it!

Very big “Thank You!” to Brendan for essentially moving to Mission and single-handedly executing the project and to Jerome our painter extraordinaire, his wealth of knowledge all things Mission helped us find plumbers, electricians, a new cleaning lady and gave us the inside scoops on where to eat. Thanks also go out to Diane and my coworkers for supporting me through the challenges of both the renovations and my dad’s heartache that started this long process.

Now all we need is a great tenant. Know someone looking to rent in Mission?

3 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished!

  1. The place looks great. Looks like all your hard work has paid off. Shame about the “no dog” (we have a miniature pug) policy but i’m sure you’ll find great tenants. Steph

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