Crawling for Art: The Eastside Cultural Crawl

Vancouver’s Eastside Cultural Crawl takes place each fall with hundreds of artists opening their studios to the public. At last night’s opening event I took in just a few of the participating studios. Just a few still adds up to an overwhelming amount of art with everything from jewelry and furniture to paintings and sculptures, and yes some textiles were in the mix. As much as I’d love to give you detailed information on my top favorites it feels fitting to give you an overwhelming list of memorable artists. To find out more about the artists click on their images or find them in the list of links at the bottom. There is no particular order to the list.

Robyn Drage

Jen Hong

David Robinson

Arleigh Wood


Fiona Ackerman


Lisa Ochowycz

Claire Madill, Heyday Design

Jim Park

Laura McKibbon, Cul de Sac Design

Ann Thinghuus

Tanis Saxby


Crawling artists on the web

More Crawl

2 thoughts on “Crawling for Art: The Eastside Cultural Crawl

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  2. Thanks for the mention, Anastasia! I wish that more bloggers would tour the Crawl and review the artists that they liked. I think that there are now so many artists in the Crawl that people are looking for opinions on what to see and where to go. Seems like you enjoyed the Mergatroid Building, and I completely agree there are a lot of cool artists in it!

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