3D Lace: Rachel Harding

Rachel Harding … I have to say, I’m envious. Works like these make me want to get out and learn more about digital media. This is one area that I just don’t have the know how. The video below, you don’t want to know how long it took me to sort that out – oh, wait, I gave up. Sorry but you will have to view it on her vimeo page.

One of the things I miss most about my studio is people dropping by and chatting over a cup of tea. Discussing the work of some artist we’d come across and thought the other may like. Sharing techniques and approaches that may or may not solve a corner we’d dug ourselves into. Now-a-days these encounters are different. I don’t have the physical space but I have the blog. People stop by for a read, leave a comment or send me an email. A few weeks ago a co-worker emailed me a link to Rachel Harding’s work and this post was born.

The link was to a recent post on Designboom featuring samples of Harding’s work and I got to googling. Oddly enough I didn’t find out all that much about her work, but what I did find I like.

As much as I love doilies and textiles I find that all to often art that revolves around them is too pretty. Yes too pretty. When it comes to textiles the exquisitely beautiful tends to feel overly crafty. I need some grit and darkness to my art and Harding’s renderings provide this. While the patterns that sprout her forms are delicate and have all the allures that comes with lace the sculptures that grow out of them are foreboding. They conjure ruined cities of some alien culture; a culture that based its designs on the soft curving lines of doilies instead of linear grids and cul-de-sacs.  What would these landscapes been like to live in? What else about their culture would have been different from ours?

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Random Encounters

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