Art For Life – the pre-game show

Danny Singer, Wiseton, 2009, Archival Ink Jet

I am a little ball of anticipation today. Art for Life is my favorite charity auction of the year and last year I was honoured with the request to join the selection committee. After months of organizing tomorrow night is the big event! The auction is the main fundraising event for the Vancouver Friends for Life Society which provides services to people living with life threatening illnesses. More information on Friends for Life is here and you can view the auction items here.

Nick Lepard, Four Elephants, 2010, charcoal on paper


Anselmo Swan, Mint Tin #2, 2009, graphite on paper


Sarah Mulder, Cityscape 3, 2008, sewn mixed media

I’ll post pictures and some auction results next week.

More about these artists

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