Webs on the web

Recently I’ve been fascinated by the idea of webs, spider webs. I have touched on this before in my Dinner at Anancy’s House installation and have been mulling over a growing web idea for a while now. Crochet and doilies in particular lend themselves nicely to what I’m envisioning.

I was curious to see what other artists had done. Below are four artists I came across. None is quite what I have in mind – which is good, no need recreating someone else’s project – but are lending some ideas to work from.

Liliana Crespi
: I came across this image on a blog but have had no luck finding information on the artist. The installation, done in Florida, is not overly exciting. Considering the luscious surroundings the installation would have been more interesting if the artist had integrate the piece into the environment instead of just placing it. The brick wall isn’t helping either, but it is a beautiful doily web.

Jennifer Cecere
: stumbling across Cecere’s images on abigaildoan was a goldmine for me. She has some fascinating projects and has provided me with some new ideas to try – see her painted doilies.

Shane Waltener
: this piece is the closed to what I have in mind but I don’t think I want my work to be as delicate looking. The delicacy however is totally appropriate for the space. Context is so important in installation art. The part created by the artist changes dramatically when placed in different locations. Just imagine the above piece installed in a stark white gallery. It conjure different responses, associations and images making it a different piece.  The feminine, delicate lace contrasted against the bare barn setting and the way the piece takes up the corner show me Waltener thought more about the placement than Crespi did.

More information on Shane and this installation are on his website. He has other web pieces too.

Lynne Yamamoto
: not a web and a different form of doily but again some ideas to draw on. My embroidery skills are not stellar which leads me to admire it all the more. Stitched drawings, I think it’s a great medium and will hopefully hone my skills one day.

Because I work where I do and with the artists that I do, I’m going to leave you with one last image by Shane Waltener.

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