Summer Meanderings

For some odd reason the desire to sit myself down and blog has been evading me. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the spectacular summer weather and sun past 9 pm. Well, perhaps that’s a factor. 

I keep envisioning myself sitting on the patio and typing away but I get distracted by the plants – this one needs water and that needs some pruning, and, oh my, this one has just sprung into bloom. So I’m fessing up, I have nothing to report. No new prints, although I have some ideas I want to run with. No crochet creations, I started a couple but … No new paintings, no crazy new finds.

What I have been doing is enjoying the sun. Caribbean festival, Cypress Mountain, my Dad’s in Mission. In fact, I am almost obsessed with the idea of finding a lake to jump into. There are lots in the area so it’s not as much about “finding” as it is about getting myself to one.

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These are just some of the lakes in the area. One of the amazing things about living in Vancouver is that you don’t have to go far to find wilderness, and lets face it, “Beautiful British Columbia” was a very fitting catch phrase and I’m not sure why they changed it. 

If I was a little more adventurous or had a partner that was, I’d likely end up at Garabaldi or Diamond Head. I’m not and he definitely isn’t so what ever lake we end up at it will be one we can drive right up to (and has flush toilets).

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