Why so silent? The Little Black Book

July 3rd, 2010: Ferry to Victoria

July 3rd, 2010: Ferry to Victoria


I can be very organized about things. When I first set up this blog I outlined three months worth of posts. Marking the Mondays and Wednesdays in the year-at-a-glance section of my moleskin with potential topics. 

Monday, May 24: “Folklore – Anansi”
Wednesday, May 27: “Statement – Anansi” 

The purpose was threefold 

  1. to see if I had enough to say to substantiate starting a blog
  2. to give myself fall back topics for those inevitable “I don’t know what to say” days
  3. to give myself deadlines. I thrive under pressure.

Now, if you have been following this blog, you may wonder if you missed a couple of posts. And if you checked under Artist Statements, you didn’t find one about Anansi. You also may have noticed that the regularity of posts declined in June. So what went amiss? Did I have less time? Yes, and no. Did I lose interest? Quite the opposite. 

So, why so silent? 

That moleskin I mentioned – my little black book. Well, I left it on the ferry. Yup, supper smart! While I have been busy making prints and there was some family business to attend to, the real reason for the silence was the loss of my deadlines. No deadline, no reason to do it yet. Deadline looming and productivity flows. 

As I’ve got my day book back the posts should come more regularly and hopefully with a little more focus. I may not stick to twice a week but I promise some frequency. And, as I’m just back from another Victoria visit, there just may be new doilies to post. 

Yes, Elvis lives!

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