Doilies and Beyond

Last weekend I spent my days off in our province’s capital, Victoria. This is my favorite low-budget getaway. Generally I prefer to firmly plant myself on Emily’s patio and move as little as possible but the weather gods had other plans for us. Overcast skies and light rain sent us on two little expeditions in which I managed to amass a larger stock of doilies and linens.

Our sunday outing was to Sidney’s numerous thrift stores. I love Sidney’s second had stores, they are conveniently divided up into separate shops, one for general junk, one for clothing – I skip this one – another for furniture and Christmas decorations, and, my all time favorite, the “nice stuff” store. This one has all their silver, china, linens and table ware, and collectibles but all at thrift prices. I don’t think I ever go in there and come out empty-handed.

Monday was my attempt at turist activities but after a late start we only made it to Chinatown. Okay, this was my first time to victoria’s Chinatown, at all of one block it is way too cute. But don’t let the lack of size fool you, I still managed to walk away with a big stack of doilies, some rice paper and knitted finger puppets.

On the ferry ride back I came up with this list of things I was bringing back with me:

  • 2 pillowcases with embroidered flowers $1.99
  • knitting bag/stand $1.00!
  • curtain panel in supper tacky 60s style
  • crochet angle Christmas decoration $0.50
  • half-made crochet shirt
  • embroidery pattern with coloured thread, no instructions $0.99
  • crochet yoke/collar $0.30
  • misc coloured lace trims $0.20 – $1.00 each
  • misc household linens (handkerchiefs, table runners …)
  • 8 small round doilies, new frm Chinatown $0.50 each
  • 4 large oval doilies, new frm Chinatown $1.99 each
  • roll of rice paper frm Chinatown, $4.99
  • misc doilies frm thrift stores $0.25 – $3.00
  • humming-bird feeder, hand blown glass $14.99
  • Chinese print flip-flops $9.99
  • 4 knitted finger puppets for Fin
  • vintage hat, brown felt $4.00
  • grapefruit spoon
  • vintage children’s langauge book $1.00
  • 2 hinged double picture frames $0.50 each

All week I have been wondering if I bought enough textiles to cover my sofa. I have no clue why I kept wondering this but, there you have it. So this morning I set out to find out, and what do you know …

Well, look at that, they do cover my sofa. This led to me snapping a bunch of photos, you can see some of them on Flickr. As I was photographing the pillow cases I glanced up at my paternal grandmother’s wedding photo which got me to thinking I could stage a portrait of her with my maternal grand parents ( I don’t have a picture of Grandpa White or I would have included his too).

A Family Portrait, 2010: Daisy & Michael Myers sitting next to Erika White, with regrets Donald White was unable to attend

These are just quick shots I took while drinking my morning (late morning) coffee but I think I may pursue this some how. Maybe that’s why I have been wondering about the sofa all week.
I spent the afternoon playing with doilies, lace and paint, but more about that at a later point.

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